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Testimonials / References

Out of respect for our clients privacy a complete list of references with phone numbers is available upon request.

I have wanted to take a wolf for nearly 40 years…I’ve tried all over the place, but couldn’t make it work.

When I met Trent Packham I thought I’d finally found the right guy. Even though we didn’t get a wolf the first time I still believed I was in the right place with the right guy. So we tried again, and I still didn’t geta wolf…instead I got three, all gorgeous.

Trent and Christy are great folks and their kids are awesome…Groat Creek is just like coming home, and I will be back.”

Craig Boddington
Paso Robles, California, USA

My Moose hunt was amazing from the day I got to Groat Creek Outfitters until the day I left. Their was not a moment that I didn’t feel welcome. It truly felt like I never left home. Not only did I gain some life long memories, and stories on this hunt, but I also gained some lifelong friends. My hunt was a lot of fun Trent made sure that i saw a lot of animals on this hunt seeing not only, meany bull moose but seeing wolves, whitetail, and some smaller animals. I am VERY happy with my beautiful  bull moose (Bigger than my dads); as a 16 year old girl I was very blessed to go on this hunt, and I could not have been more happy with my results. Trent and his family are truly amazing and I can not wait until I can hunt at Groat Creak Outfitters again.

Ashleigh Bryant 
Shepherd, Michigan, USA

To say hunting with Groat Creek Outfitters is an experience of a lifetime, is an understatement.

I have been fortunate enough to hunt with Trent for two years in a row and the third year is already booked.
The beauty of the area is something I just cannot get enough of and the abundance of animals just make it all the better.

I have been lucky enough to harvest a whitetail, mule deer and two bull moose  with Trent, and each one of those hunts will be a memory that will stay with me forever.

I also have seen many other species such as elk , wolf, pine martin, coyote and lynx.

Trent will go, above and beyond his duty, to make sure that anyone who hunts with him has an experience in Alberta that they will never forget.

If you are looking for the hunt of a lifetime, with great accommodations and excellent  meals  (thanks Christy), in a family oriented atmosphere, Groat Creek Outfitters is the place to be.

Brian Schafer
Mount Pleasant, Michigan, USA

​My trip with Trent can we describe with one word, awesome!
Trent works hard to make sure your hunt is a success.  The accommodations and the food were equal to the experience.
Was my Hunt a success?  Absolutely, yes.  I harvested a buck of a lifetime and after close encounters with multiple bulls I also took a very good moose.   I’m in short happy happy happy!  After the experience I consider Groat Creek outfitters my outfitter, and Trent my friend.

Jim Bryant,  
​Shepherd Michigan, USA

In January of 2012 my brother Brian spoke with some references from previous hunts from Groat Creek Outfitters in Alberta, Canada. Each and every one told of their experiences with enthusiasm and positive detail. Brian went to meet with Trent at a SCI banquet at Mt.Pleasant, Michigan and talk about a possible hunt. After a long talk, Brian called and asked me to go and meet with Trent, so I did the next morning. We both felt this was the hunt and guide we wanted. Reservations made.

In November of 2012 my brother and I traveled to Whitecourt, Alberta Canada to hunt with Trent for moose the last week of the season. We arrived on Tuesday afternoon from Central Michigan. We both had tags for the moose, wolf, and deer. Brian wanted me to be the first for the moose hunt. Trent put us on a nice bull 1.5 hrs. out the first morning out. I filled my tag! Brian filled his tag on a nice bull the 4th afternoon of our 6 day hunt! This beautiful area is game rich! We saw animals every time out! Moose, Elk, Whitetails, Mule Deer, Coyote!

Trent gave us the ,”one on one”, hunt we desired. We wanted to hunt ….. not go kill an animal and sit in a lodge. Trent went out of his way guide and to put us on animals to get a true experience. This is what its all about!
Accommodations were great! Food was wonderful! , Christy is a great cook!
I would recommend Trent and Christy at Groat Creek to any one looking for a high quality experience.

A true test of satisfaction that people ask, is if I would go here again? I say yes we are!

Blaine A. Schafer,
Shepherd Michigan, USA  

Although I had hunted Alberta for 15 years I never had the opportunity to spot and stalk hunt black bears until I hooked up with Groat Creek Outfitters and Trent Packham in June of 2012.

I saw more game of all different types than I thought possible that time of the year! From moose to martins, elk to chipmunks, wolves, whitetails, mulies, a grouse with chicks, and even some bears, we saw them all!  Great accommodations, great food, an outfitter who works as hard as any, and the greatest family anywhere! Looking forward to visiting with my friends soon and might even throw in a little hunting.  

PS: The Samurais are really COOL!  Best Wishes!
Jim Bailey​

My time spent with Trent at Groat Creek Outfitters was the best overall experiences I have ever had. I took my 1st bull moose with my bow in the fall of 2012 with Trent by my side .  ​

It was an experience I will never forget.   Canoeing the river calling moose, unbelievable sights, climbing the riverbank, harvesting the moose and backpacking it out and back down the river.  

It was an experience every hunter should have.  The hunt is just one part! The family friendly hospitality, the good meals, the great accommodations make it a trip worth your time.  

If your as obsessed with hunting and the outdoors as I am, Groat Creek Outfitters will not disappoint.  

​Sheldon Barnesky
Virden, Manitoba, Canada